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In the diagram attached, 35 is the fuel cock and 23 is the fuel pump. On newer, emissions-controlled motorcycles, I see Black synthetic rubber hose with 300 PSI working and 1200 PSI burst pressure for sizes 1. Quantity. 1982 Virago 750 Vacuum Lines Diagram Read PDF 1982 Virago 750 Vacuum Lines Diagram Lengths 770 mm IMHO not worth it rebuilding, also be sure to check vacuum and fuel lines for wear, holes, and cracks, if in doubt replace them. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a RPM Membership, plus free everyday tech support on aftermarket 2002 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 Hugger XLH883 Petcock Components & motorcycle parts. I am having no luck finding the size and routing of fuel line. Part Finder. 19 USD. After several years in the making there is now a Yamaha FJ1100 & FJ1200 vacuum operated petcock rebuild kit. This procedure can be almost universally appliedYou need to plug the vacuum fitting on the top of the carb that goes to the petcock is all. This diagram shows how I vented crankcase pressure on my '68 TR6. It's been a rough spring with the scooter. OEM References: 44300-44010- 44300-44011 scooter petcock diagram, May 06, 2010 · The way a vacuum petcock works is the vacuum pulls the diaphragm back, compressing a spring and releasing pressure on a ball or some other sort of valve, this allows fuel to flow around the ball and to the carb. Includes a new vacuum diaphragm, O-ring, gasket and inner This is your vacuum-operated valve. The fuel line off the petcock was split and replaced it. G-Gaurd · Registered. Fits American Sportworks Model 6150, 6151, 6152, 7150 and Carter Brothers Talon 150. One goes to the petcock or fuel pump, the second goes to the de-accelerator on the right side of the carb Roketa MC-13 150cc Need vacuum diagram! The remaining line connected to the Fuel Valve is the Vacuum Line. February 5, 2004. The 81's had a vacuum assisted petcock. A radiator drain petcock valve, or shut-off valve, allows the radiator to be drained without removing it from the vehicle. '95 to present models are equipped with a vacuum petcock. If the petcock works like stated above, then it's not the start problem. Click on jax and the scroll down to the album's, then click on the picture and it will show you where the vacuum line goes. Most Suzuki GS 4 cylinder bikes with stock airbox and exhaust draw greater vacuum on the two outboard cylinders vs. 1993 models. Apr 03, 2012 · pull the back of the petcock (petcock cover) replace with new part(s) re-attach screws; turn petcock back around; tighten the big nut and start her up! If you want an OLD SCHOOL solution, look what we found!!! FINALLY! - A proven answer to fix the Petcock Vacuum issue on the 1300! 50cc engine vacuum line diagram. Please use pay pal only. First thought was a vacuum line went bad or came unplugged. The IMS tank is not vacuum operated, I've simply capped off the vacuum line on the carburettor. Pressure Vacuum Breaker Draining Procedure for Freeze Protection SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS: Backflow prevention assemblies must be drained for the winter in areas where freezing temperatures may occur. Proper installation of the Vacuum Line is important because it opens the Fuel Valve with Vacuum. Instead of cleaning it out of years of gunk, I opted to order a replacement. That bike uses a taller petcock. VTX1300 OK said: I replaced the short vacuum line from the Petcock to the first T. How is the Vacuum line set up on a gy6 cc chinese scooter. The bird is gravity feed, through a vacuum controlled petcock man You do not need a fuel pump for your A vacuum petcock, or "auto valve" as Honda calls it, is/was found on many bikes that the choke system works properly (which I do during a rebuild), 1 lip 2003 My Haynes manual shows two fuel hoses (lower end of carbs), two vent hoses (above) and one vacuum hose. 19 mar 2013 I have a bag of fuel lines and vacuum hosescarb/airbox the lines that lead to the fuel petcock/vacuum pump etc are in diagram 17. The line comes from number 6 intake into a T I assume one end of the T goes to the fuel tank vent and the other side of the T goes to the fuel tank petcock valve. Have been around states 3 times. Mid USA Vacuum Petcock Valve Bypass Kit - 80685 Part #: 189496 Mfg Part #: 80685 $ 2. #2. Suzuki king quad vacuum hose diagram. The 1980 – ’83 were designed with the Left side valve only. I have a few pictures below with questions specific to each one. Powersmart Lawnmower and Snowblower Parts, Manuals and Diagrams. Description. Jan 01, 2020 · Here is a diagram that I saved from another thread. . 1982 94 Repair Manual Wiring And Vacuum Diagrams 8269 28320 Covers All . A correctly operating petcock on the Valk will only allow fuel to flow when vacuum is applied (Small hose attached) no matter what position the petcock is in. On newer, emissions-controlled motorcycles, I see Reserve is selected when the long side of the petcock handle is pointing straight forward. B. It may be necessary to crank the engine over several times before fuel flows to the carburetor. It is revving up to between 3000 & 4000 One thing to add to make it more useful for the xs650 vacuum petcock would be pictures of how the fuel outlet pipe is mounted in the petcock body. Hi all My petcock is stuck open. OEM References: 44300-44010- 44300-44011- 44300-45470 Assuming these numbers correspond to the carbs, theres a nipple on the #2 sticking straight out that comes off the head, right below the carb- it has a line on it thats about 6 inches long- I am assuming that is the petcock vacuum line, correct me if im wrong please. Surround Sound Wiring Diagram. 6-gallon IMS tank using Aerostich's E-Fill siphon. About 5% of these are Motorcycle Fuel Systems, 3% are Other Motorcycle A wide variety of petcock suzuki options are Simple. Product Question. If you look close you can see another pear shaped piece of rubber I slipped over the plunger. They undergo comprehensive evaluation to ensure the hightest quality and durability standards to help maximize the life of your vehicle, and give you peace of mind that your Kawasaki is always operiating at peak performance. 99. When purchased the bike started up instantly without choke and drove great at highway speeds for about an hour and shifted fine through all the gears. Joined Feb 10, 2011. 5X1000) (4. * A fuel line going to the carburetors. Pingel Power-Flo Fuel Valve Adapter Nut - A3001C Part #: 184058 Mfg scooter petcock diagram, May 06, 2010 · The way a vacuum petcock works is the vacuum pulls the diaphragm back, compressing a spring and releasing pressure on a ball or some other sort of valve, this allows fuel to flow around the ball and to the carb. However at idle when rpm is low the vac pump is inadequate and you must have manifold vacuum . Shop the best {0} for your motorcycle at J&P Cycles. Take a look at the attached image and see if that is what leaks. This item is IN STOCK. The NC30 and NC35 HRC manuals recommend a change to the fuel tap that removes May 13, 2019 · Forum · Scooters--Aprilia, Vespa, Piaggio, and Others · Aprilia and Piaggio 50cc, and Others I checked all the fuel lines to the carb, they're not kinked and they don't try this get the vacuum hose that came from the fuel pump (is it a . Powersmart outdoor power equipment has earned a reputation of affordable quality. The fuel line (or lines) probably go to one or two "T" fittings between the #1 and #2 carbs and the #3 and #4 carbs. 88. It will fit any Ural fuel tank with the external metric threads. diagram or picture of inside of petcock on 87 suzuki savage After removing srews on petcock diagram to show me If you have a petcock below the tank with a reserve switch, you should have. Starter Solenoid (1970-1980) Steering Assembly (1975-1985) Transmission (1959-Early 1984) Transmission (Late 1984-1985) Wiring Diagram XLH (1970-1971) Wiring Diagram XLCH (1970-1971) Wiring Diagram XLH (1972 Standard Seat) Wiring Diagram XLH (1972 Low Seat) Home - ThumperTalk Feb 03, 2022 · Suzuki king quad vacuum hose diagram. It's not supposed to pull gas through the vacuum line. 29. Take a look at the one on your bike. Jul 01, 2019 · The stock LT80 petcock is a bit of a mystery to many owners. the petcock or the Jan 16, 2022 · go to rear of bike 4 is fuel line to petcock You don't need a hose to the float bowl drain I've attached some routing pictures. Vacuum petcocks are less important for this discussion since they are usually left in the "run" position and are opened and closed automatically Power-Flo™ 6000 Series Single Outlet Reserve Vacuum Fuel Valve by Pingel®. 750 Vacuum Lines Diagram released in English, but there are other languages available. Add to Cart. 01. The two coming out of the petcock go to the carburetor, one is fuel the second is If you're having trouble with the vacuum operated petcock on your Suzuki Vinson or Eiger check out this how to on how to fix the issue and get your 4 wheelerActually, I like vacuum petcocks, they prevent fuel overflow or flooding of the engine or crankcase if you have a carbureted V-Twin, as the only thing stopping the gravity fed fuel is the needle/seat float assembly. (click on image for a larger version) A problem often found when racing an NC30 or NC35 is fuel starvation. the fuel tank could be lower than the carbs, making a fuel pump necessary. Apr 10, 2011 · Post by sprocket onApr 12, 2011 at 9:20am. Usually vacuum petcocks fail because the diaphragm gets split and/or the vacuum line to the petcock gets disconnected or splits. This manual features detailed step-by-step instructions, black and white photographs and color coded wiring diagrams. OEM References: 44300-44010- 44300-44011- 44300-45470 Jul 13, 2009 · Line from #4 cylinder sync port to petcock vacuum port, plus the other 3 sync port holes. Petcock connections Disconnect the petcock connections (I do usually it at the petcock) for the fuel line and the vacuum line. . Now that you have the vacuum diagram for your vehicle, you can start troubleshooting for a potential vacuum leak. It goes to the petcock/fuel valve. Servicing the Petcock on your Valkyrie: The Petcock is quite simple in its construction and operation. #9. bikerpartsuperstore. Petcocks are commonly and interchangeably referred to as fuel valve, gas valve, gas cock or petcock. 108. This will allow you to plug your vacuum line and have a constant flow petcock. It's a nice bike, but has not run in a while. When putting bike back together, I connected hose from carb to petcock. Regardless of position, they only allow fuel to flow when the engine is able to pull vacuum. Monster Scooter Parts has the crankcase parts for your 50cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, and 250cc scooter engine. They feature a durable bronze body and a check valve and air opening port in one assembly. This Cyclepedia manual covers – Suzuki LT80 Quadsport and – Kawasaki KFX80 ATVs. The spring, by this picture and the explanation put with it just moved the spring. Can i get a diagram to replace vacuum hoses ona 986. When in need of quality parts for you motorcycle, ATV or UTV think Tusk!! * Great way to stop the leaks in your petcock * Made to OEM Vt Fuel Vacuum Hose Diagram Find Ford Vacuum Diagram Parts OWNSTER May 14th, 2019 - Search Results for Ford Vacuum Diagram Parts The form below allows you to search for car truck motorcycle or boat parts in real time For best results please be specific and be patient It may take several seconds to display the results Parts classifieds This 3/4 inch lead free vacuum relief valve is suitable for low pressure steam and water service, and is ideal for use in domestic water heaters and supply tanks. 5 cm Hg) for #1 cylinder. Darin Brown (Friday, 22 January 2021 18:20)Lower the fuel tank back into place. I found a couple of workarounds for this. I connected the vacuum line to the fuel petcock. Connect the fuel line hose to the fuel petcock. Kustom Tech Carb Mounted Petcock for S&S Carburetor. There will also be a smaller port in back of the petcock, pointing to the front of the bike. Basically, it goes like this: If you ain't got a California model, you don't need a diagram. $ 164. ) THEORY of OPERATION: The way these things are supposed to work is this: When the petcock is in the ON or RES positions, fuel flow is held "off" by a spring-loaded diaphragm seal. 56. Shop our full selection of Harley Davidson, or try doing a search for a more precise Suzuki As this gy6 engine vacuum diagram, it ends occurring physical one of the favored books gy6 engine vacuum diagram collections that we have. Remove the fuel and vacuum hoses. Triumph Unit Twin Simple Fix. Darin Brown (Friday, 22 January 2021 18:20) Vacuum. I'm rebuilding a 2002 Volusia. V-Twin Manufacturing Petcock w/Threaded End fo H-D "K" Models - 35-0650 Part #: 189937 Mfg Part #: 35-0650 $ 19. In the second picture the same hose comes up between the carburetors from below. Greg Drevenstedt. « Reply #2 on: November 27, 2011, 10:28:33 PM ». It has an ON, OFF and RESERVE setting. Also, a vacuum line from the air filter connects to the left front side of the carburetor. Letter "C" on the 2nd diagram. T. Vacuum type gas valves, when in the on and reserve positions, use engine vacuum to open a diaphragm inside the petcock. Historically, petcocks were threaded valves controlled by a butterfly handle; [citation needed] modern petcocks are typically ball valves. 1988 - 1997 Yamaha Virago 750 XV750 Petcock Assembly. You can now switch petcock positions with confidence, each position having its own, easy to feel detent, O-Ring seat secure any leak from the petcock to the carburetor, Petcock handles motion is virtually Gas Petcock Fuel Shut Off Valve - 14mm Nut - 95mm - Coleman CT100U Mini Bike VMC Chinese Parts $ 6. Is that right? I can't find a diagram and I'm hoping like hell it's the problem, because I can't get the bike started up. We now have the petcock assembly back in stock that is a direct replacement for the KP-33 Russian Petcock. Suzuki GSX-R750 GSXR 750 Illustrated Parts List Diagram Manual 1991 1992. Gy6 150cc Vacuum Diagram » welcome to our site, this is images about gy6 150cc vacuum diagram posted by Maria Rodriquez in Gy6 category on Jan 01, 2020. I bought the 4-wheeler, a few weeks ago, all vacuum lines were burnt cause it caught fire, I looked online and got a diagram of parts for the carburetor, but these dont tell me where the vacuum lines goto, I have even bought the Service repair Determine the mass of the petcock of a pressure cooker whose operations pressure is 100 KPa gage and has an opening cross-sectional area of 4 mm^2 . All sizes are rated at 30 HG vacuum. Shop Parts. Dec 14, 2006 · My vacuum petcock has developed a serious leak. My friend XJ750 the XS650 petcock won't fit. These are vacuum operated, ment to only allow fuel flow when there is vacuum present- ie the engine is turning. Here is how to replace the petcock fuel valve on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Give your machine the new power and torque it. Dec 20, 2015 · 2 - Detail of the petcock and backflow preventer valve. 1 thinner hose to vacuum port on carb to petcock. The Suzuki "on, reserve, Prime" vacuum operated petcock suck. Therefore, it can be disregarded in "LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY" GOLAN PRODUCTS introduces the world's first BALL BEARING petcock with detents for quick, effortless switching from "ON" to "RESERVE" to "OFF". Which of the two scales is the right one on the antifreeze tester. You need a syringe to apply the vacuum to the petcock. The e line is very important it is the main vac supply . No vacuum leaks. You're correct on the vacuum function of the petcock. what would cause the slide to not move, looking at diaphram and no obvious splits , virago 250. #4 · Sep 13, 2011. 5X1000) (3. OR just run a new hose from the carb to the VOES. Nov 27, 2012 · Also keep fire extinguisher nearby) • Propane (take the tip off and attach a long rubber hose) • WD-40. It`s leaking through a hole in the petcock body that seems to be there for a reason ! I just can`t figger out what the reason is. This is a Feb 03, 2022 · Suzuki king quad vacuum hose diagram. The petcock is what the fuel flows through when it comes out of the gas tank. This is the most common valve found in use today. You can unscrew this little shitty brass port with an 8mm open end wrench and use our AFP Vacuum Port Plugs to make sure you don Feb 03, 2022 · Suzuki king quad vacuum hose diagram. 8 out of 5 stars 4 1 offer from . If you completely remove the unit, fuel will flow out pretty fast. Anyone have a diagram?scooter petcock diagram, May 06, 2010 · The way a vacuum petcock works is the vacuum pulls the diaphragm back, compressing a spring and releasing pressure on a ball or some other sort of valve, this allows fuel to flow around the ball and to the carb. Jul 06, 2013 · The Green is the vacuum source on the carb to supply vacuum to the petcock. Should be able to find small rubber caps at any auto parts store. There is also a lower petcock. This is the only hose you need to disconnect. In the first picture it is the hose that the number 3 seems to be resting on. To drain the tank with a vacuum petcock just remove the vacuum line from the carb, pull it through to the petcock side, apply vacuum to the line (suck on it), pinch the line off with a hemostat and turn the petcock to reserve. It runs from the vacuum port on the #3 cylinder (between the carburetor body and the engine) up to the smaller connection on your petcock. May 14, 2011 · Replaced Vacuum Petcock with manual fuel valve, originally uploaded by goodharbor. The stock petcock has three settings: PRI - PRIME - allows for free flow of fuel Sep 14, 2018 · I also check to make sure any vacuum lines on the petcock are attached to the carbs, as fuel won’t flow without that. xjwmx, Sep 14, 2012. 1986 1/2 FLST. Rebuild kits for the petcock body are out there from Drag, at least. Screw air compressor NPT hose fitting to Febco valve, using teflon pipe tape to seal the Typically, when your petcock goes bad one of a few things can happen. If you are running the F2 carbs without the ram air there are less lines to hook up, as the float bowls do not need to see the same pressure as seen in the air box. View Product Clymer Manuals Suzuki LT-4WD, LT-F4WDX and LT-F250 1987-1998 M483-2. 11 sie 2009 Unknown #1 is the vacuum hose that makes the petcock work, My petcock is leaking and I want to rebuild it, my Honda dealer cannot find a 25 wrz 2017 Otherwise, you can just swap out petcock, vacuum hoses and carbs for then other, until ALL hoses are routed according to diagram. May 30, 2008 · From the back (vacuum nipple) to the front (Fuel dial): rear vacuum nipple, spring, rubber gasket with the stem pointing to the front, the white plastic square is sandwiched between the two thin rubber sheets, then the main petcock housing. One petcock just requires a splitter and two pipes to feed the carbs. 95 main jet was clean and clear also. The ball bearings completely eliminate traditional rough, sticky or frozen valve action. Looking at the diagram posted earlier, fuel comes from the fuel tank's petcock via hose #7 to the vacuum shutoff valve, and when the valve is Order your Petcock - Rebuild Kit - KZ650 - KZ750 - KZ1000 - XS400 - XS650 - XS850 from Z1 Enterprises. Oct 06, 2013 · Oct 7, 2013. Feb 24, 2004 · NC30/NC35 Fuel Tap Vacuum Bypass. More problems for some than they are worth. When I start my bike with the petcock in the "on" position, the bike starts and idles up to about 3500 RPM's. The upper petcock (see Hose routing - Kraftstoffhahn Nr. If your petcock says "On/Off/Reserve", no vacuum connection is required. Petcock/Fuel Line Routing. There are vacuum line diagrams in the tech section. Anyone have a diagram? Petcock vacuum hose. The fuel usually then flows through filter and then through a Feb 03, 2022 · Suzuki king quad vacuum hose diagram. Gas Tank Vacuum Petcock Fuel Cock Valve 510231260 for Kawasaki Vulcan 800&ZR1200. Remove the oil filler cap. 16950-MZ5-670 Ships in 2 to 3 days. 5-601. On and reserve require vacuum pressure to open a diaphragm and allow fuel to the carb, ON uses gravity but must be turned off when you shut down. Take a small piece of vacuum line and push it on to the port. If not, that is probably why you have the plugged line. Posted with TapaTalk. 02 , first remove the fuel line and the spring, remove the vacuum line and place the spring around the vacuum line and use it for the fuel line as the old one is too short, put a cap one the vacuum from the carb, I SOURCE: fuel petcock. Apr 15, 2009 · 10 Posts. XS650's after 1976 are fitted with vacuum ports in the carb bodies, vacuum line barbs in the mounting boots, or both. It uses engine vacuum createdwhen the engine is running to pull back a small piston that allows the fuel to flow. Also replace the two small O-rings on the bolts for the petcock part# 92022. Fuel Petcock Diaphragm - Double Layer Rubber Diaphragm approximately 27. 115 Aufrufe Quad bike. The petcock has three setting, ON, OFF and RES. 1982 Virago 750 Vacuum Lines The thinner hose on the petcock is a vacuum line. I have a nasty cutout and surge at about 60% throttle and up. Unscrew this nut, keeping a large catch pan under the area. Chat Now Honda Yamaha Kawasaki Polaris Suzuki Can-Am Ski-Doo Sea PETCOCK (CONTAINS 1 LARGE 1 SMALL. Got past the issue of no keys (huge issue). however, I somehow end up getting them inexpensively so I rebuild them and sell them. It is easiest to disconnect it at the canister. 2. or III. This could also be your problem. . Here's the vacuum operated part of the petcock. Does the vaccum line off 1 cylinder go to prime on the petcock, currently Vacuum Lines Diagram carburetor holder vacuum plug mikesxs, yamaha virago 750 petcock ebay, yamaha virago 920 wiring diagram wiring diagram and fuse box, 1982 yamaha virago 750 xv750j air filter yamaha parts pro,1982yamahaviragoxv750 starting problems yahoo answers, 7 yamaha virago vacuum line and cover removal to get to carbs, forum 1982 The Rubber gasket inside the petcock is called the "whizzer valve", it and the flat metal surface that rides on it can be sanded smooth and reused rather than replacing them. First, you can use the petcock as is by turning it off and on manually, but depending on the design of the petcock, reserve may not work anymore. Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 15, 2009. There's no Off because the petcock is vacuum driven, meaning if the engine isn't running, there is no vacuum, so the petcock is off, it doesn't need a setting for that. 1) is located underneath the petrol tank and prevents drainage if the hoses are disconnected. A piece of vacuum hose is included in the kit 3. You can also see the pear shaped impression in the rubbber caused by the small raised geometry in the plastic spacer. hello,i have a 2004 sportster , looking for a assembly/disassembly diagram for the vacuum fuel petcock (original HD/not aftermarket),any info would be great,if this has been discussed please direct me to the post,etc. If one can get into a ritual of: hit stop switch, turn off ignition key and close petcockproblem solved. thank you so much for the instructions great help!! :))) ViragoTechForum. My understanding is the spare nipple on the petcock is for ambient air and may be left open or connected to the charcoal canister. 3 bar). reviews Nov 05, 2021 · Hi, thanks in advance to answering my question. Buy OEM Parts for Honda Motorcycle 1983 FUEL TANK Diagram. Jan 10, 2012 · Vacuum from one single cylinder is enough to open the petcock to feed the carbs. (If I remember right it was the bottom conection on the petcock) The fuel line should run directly to the gas bowl on the carb. Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1000 R1 R2 Illustrated Parts List Diagram Manual 1982 1983 HERE BikeBandit. Lift the seat and disconnect the fuel line from the pump to the carb,try to start I have a Suzuki King quad cc and had all those same. If you want to bypass the Vacuum Petcock attach a small piece of pipe across these two spigots/pipes and then make a small cap and fit it to over the small spigot/tube on the right hand side carb inlet. These petcocks are vacuum operated petcocks. MikesXS petcock is of the earlier model design with a wider mounting flange to be comparable with the vacuum type base. 1982 Virago 750 Vacuum Lines The thinner hose on the petcock is a vacuum line. 30. just stuck, or fuel would be coming out the vacuum spigot as well. Highfine Replacement Fuel Gas Petcock Valve Tank Switch Pump for Yamaha ATV & Motorcycles 1986-2016,Kawasaki KLF 300 KLF300 Bayou ATV 1988-2005,Suzuki ATV LTZ 400 Quadsport 2003-2008. Gas Petcock Fuel Shut Off Valve - 14mm Nut - 103mm - Version 9 VMC Chinese Parts $ 5. The VOES will be inop then. Line from #4 cylinder sync port to petcock vacuum port, plus the other 3 sync port holes. It's just around the corner at the front of the Carb. ON gives you fuel from the main (15) inlet; RES gives you fuel from the reserve inlet (14); and OFF lets the fuel balance between the two inlets Force Diagram : The weight of the petcock . May 28, · On the 01 the big hose and fitting is the fuel line. The carb float needle should hold back the fuel and if it doesn't then something is wrong 13 wrz 2018 My '98 FXSTC has been leaking around the (OEM) petcock, and tonight I finally tracked it down to what I think is the diaphragm. 6-gallon IMS tank using Aerostich’s E-Fill siphon. 05. Also take the choke assembly out , 14 mm nut ,, clean it also ,, and run tip cleaners and blow air into every port you see on the carb body. Petcock vacuum hose About problems Scooter cdi electrical system scooter doc forum, taotao carburetor repair manual, taotao thunder 50 wiring diagram circuit diagram maker, scooter key ignition switch set for 49 50Tom Schmitz. One thing to add to make it more useful for the xs650 vacuum petcock would be pictures of how the fuel outlet pipe is mounted in the petcock body. I pulled off the gas line from the petcock and attached a siphon line and placed one end in a bucket. If the seals go bad inside the petcock, it will allow fuel to pass when the valve is closed and in some cases will slowly siphon the gas out of your tank. . The Red is the fuel line connection from the petcock to the carb. I installed everything. This is an authentic Honda replacement part that has been sourced from the original manufacturer to be used with small engines. com offers 1,241 scooter 50cc engine products. The Rubber gasket inside the petcock is called the "whizzer valve", it and the flat metal surface that rides on it can be sanded smooth and reused rather than replacing them. 29 cze 2018 Can anyone diagram or post pics of the routing for the vacuum hoses to the vacuum controlled fuel petcock?This is a new Rebuild kit for the Hyosung and United Motors square style vacuum operated fuel valve petcocks. The vacuum petcocks are diaphragm controlled and are getting to the point of not able to repair. 33. About Diagram Vacuum Petcock . There is a mod to change the OEM petcock to full manual, and eliminate the vacuum function - and close off the vacuum line. I think it is a vent line. Discharged battery, loose or broken battery terminal connections. Looking at zoro's post of the vacuum diagram, I'm wondering if what I'm seeing there is the Results 1 - 40 of 126 Drag Specialties Petcock Rebuild Kit - 0705-0202 V-Twin Manufacturing Petcock Valve Body Vacuum Bypass Kit - 35-0426. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 29 Jul 01, 2014 · You can pull the vacuum line from the tank as well as the carb. Shipping Estimation. Requires special tool t05 disconnect vacuum line from fuel petcock valve. . :) Part #23f-24500-11 it has on/off/res and cost . It's found on the carbs with vacuum lines running from the rack of carbs up to the petcock. DandyDan wrote:In the stock setup, you'd have the gas line running to the petcock, another gas line running from the petcock to the carb and then a vacuum hose running to the petcock from the intake manifold (between carb and cylinder). Okay people! This petcock/fuel valve is from a 2007 Kymco People 2T 49cc scooter. Can any one offer any pros or cons to purchasing two non vacuum petcocks Normally, this problem is solved by installing the rebuild kit, called "COVER SET,rooster" part number 16953-MBZ-B51, which goes for -40 at 10 sty 2018 Hey all, need some help with a petcock on a 2005 883c. This second-generation gas petcock can be modified to fit custom tanks and be set to determine the amount of “RESERVE” gas available with virtually any custom gas tank. Force Diagram : The weight of the petcock . Might want to drain as much of the gas as you can first. Aug 18, 2011 · I have a 2000 Honda 1500 Valkyrie Interstate. 26. The only T should on this line. It opens when your engine is running to allow fuel to flow into your gas line. You can also thread the hole in the carb and use a set screw to plug it. Vacuum petcocks hold a thin diaphragm that allows fuel to run in the ON position when the engine is working. May 02, 2020 · VTX1300 OK said: I replaced the short vacuum line from the Petcock to the first T. Home; Suzuki Gt750 Petcock; Suzuki Gt750 Petcock. Since a vacuum operated valve defaults to the fully open heat-on position when vacuum isn’t applied, a loss of vacuum is the first thing to suspect in a “heat always on” condition. HCP626KIT OEM fuel AUTOMATIC PETCOCK KIT, contains the HCP626 petcock and a pair of mounting screws and their sealing washers. 28. There's a few stray tubes that I can't figure out where they are supposed to go. 99 $ 9. Turn petcock to prime and start bike